Which is Most Expensive and Rare Gemstone ?

Gemstones are geological marvels formed deep within the Earth’s crust over millions of years.

Several factors contribute to a gemstone’s rarity. What are they ? ley's have a look

Pink Star Diamond: A True Marvel of Nature: Pink Star, a stunning oval-shaped diamond that weighs a jaw-dropping 59.60 carats. What sets this diamond apart is its mesmerizing pink hue.

The Most Expensive and Rare Gemstone

It also holds the record for being the Most Expensive and Rare Gemstone ever sold at auction. For about stunning price of $71.2 million it was sold in 2017 auctions.

The Pink Star’s price tag :

Where was it found? All characterstics of it.

The Pink Star Diamond was mined in Africa and, in its rough form, weighed a staggering 132.5 carats.

However, to make it look more defined and beautiful as it looks today there resides a hard work.

After meticulous cutting and polishing, it was transformed into the magnificent gem we know today.

The Pink Star Diamond’s value continues to grow over time, making it not only a astouned piece of jewelry but also a wise investment for collectors and connoisseurs.