Unleash Your Inner Lion with Leo's Top 7 Crystals


Sunstone, a radiant gem, embodies warmth, divine feminine energy, and luminosity with reddish-brown hues and metallic hematite or goethite inclusions.


Citrine, the "Success stone," renowned for abundance, prosperity, and positivity. Clears negativity, fosters optimism, and boosts confidence and accomplishment.


Pyrite, dubbed "fool’s gold," boosts self-confidence and motivation. Ideal for Leo sun signs, it radiates strength and vitality, enhancing their natural qualities.

This gem resonates with solar energy, fostering optimism and joy. It ignites positivity, reconnecting wearers with their zest for life.


Tiger's Eye, famed for its golden-brown hues and cat's eye effect. Named for its resemblance to a tiger's eye, it evokes strength and grace.

Tiger's Eye

Carnelian, praised on TikTok for its warm hues, enhances motivation and endurance. Perfect for Leos, aligning with their innate ambition and drive.


Obsidian, renowned for protection and negativity absorption, promotes inner strength and clarity. Embrace its healing powers with Leo birthstone jewelry for enhanced protection and vitality.