The Power of December Birthstone and How it Can Transform Your Life

December birthstone

December births align with Sagittarius (1-21) or Capricorn (22-31), symbolized by narcissus and holly.

Tanzanite, exclusively from Tanzania's Merelani Hills, features blue to violet hues. Valued for its velvety texture, the blue variation is highly prized.

Tanzanite: The stone of intuition and vitality

Tanzanite is associated with intuition and vitality. It serves as December's birthstone and is gifted for the twenty-fourth wedding anniversary.

Turquoise: The stone of good health and good fortune.

Turquoise, cherished for millennia, adorned ancient civilizations like Egypt and China. It holds cultural significance, revered as a "national treasure" in Tibet.

Wearing turquoise symbolizes good health and fortune. It's gifted for the eleventh wedding anniversary, carrying significance in fostering prosperity and well-being.

Zircon: The stone of wealth and wisdom

Zircon, December's diverse birthstone, showcases various hues like red, green, and blue. Its name's origins, debated by scholars, may stem from Arabic or Persian roots.

Zircon, cherished for centuries, held Middle Age beliefs of warding off evil and aiding sleep. In Hinduism, it's revered as part of the "navaratna" gemstones.