The Power of August's Birthstone and Its Incredible Effects

What does August's Birthstone symbolizes?

August births align with Leo (1st-22nd) or Virgo (23rd-31st). Their birth flowers are the gladiolus and poppy, symbolic of strength and remembrance.

What is August birthstone?

August has three birthstones: peridot, spinel and sardonyx.

Peridot: The stone of prosperity and fortune.

Peridot, a yellow-green gemstone from olivine, originates from the Arabic "faridat," meaning "gem," or possibly from Greek "peridona," signifying "giving plenty," symbolizing prosperity and fortune.

Peridot, besides being August's birthstone, is also a traditional gift for sixteenth wedding anniversaries.

Spinel: Strength and Vitality

Spinel dazzles in hues like red, pink, orange, purple, blue, and green, often mistaken for other gems. Notably, the "Black Prince's Ruby" is a famous red spinel in the Imperial State Crown.

Sardonyx: The stone of Courage and Happiness

Sardonyx, a blend of sard and onyx, forms a stone with red-orange hues and banding. Romans wore it for protection in battle, symbolizing Mars, the god of war.