The October's Birthstone Will Change Your Life Forever,  Prepare to Be Amazed

October birthstone

October births align with Libra (1-22) or Scorpio (23-31). Marigold and cosmos symbolize this month.

Opal, October's traditional birthstone, derives its name "upala" from Sanskrit, meaning "precious stone," believed to originate from India.

October has two birthstones: opal and tourmaline.

Opals display a mesmerizing "play-of-color," shifting hues. Initially white, polished opals reveal a rainbow kaleidoscope on their surface.

Besides being a birthstone, opals are given as fourteenth wedding anniversaries gifts.

Tourmaline: The modern Birth tone

Tourmaline, October's modern birthstone, offers diverse varieties like pink, red, green, blue, violet, and black. Its name "toramalli" means "stone with mixed colors" in Sinhalese. 

What does it symbolizes?

Tourmaline's symbolism varies with its color. Pink symbolizes love, green embodies courage, and confidence is represented by green.

Tourmaline also marks the eighth wedding anniversary, offering a meaningful gift choice with its diverse hues and symbolism.