Leo March Horoscope 2024

Leo March Horoscope 2024

March holds significant sway for Leos as the Sun and Saturn join forces in the seventh house, bringing a blend of ups and downs in personal and professional realms.

Love & Relationship

With Mars and Venus in the seventh house, Leos may experience a subtle rise in love later in March, emphasizing the importance of mutual respect and understanding.

Health & Wellness

Mars and Venus in the sixth house, with Rahu in the eighth, stress health management for Leos. Jupiter's protection is present, but adopting healthier habits is crucial.

Money & Finances

Early on, expect rising expenses, necessitating careful financial planning for Leos. Ketu's presence in the second house might hinder wealth accumulation, presenting challenges.


Saturn and Mars in the sixth house drive a robust work ethic for Leos, while Venus and Mars entering the tenth house promise favorable gains in their professional endeavors.