June Birthstone Secrets Everything You Need to Know

What Are The Three June Birthstones?

While most months have only one gemstone, June is among the few that have three. The three June birthstones are- – Alexandrite – Pearl – Moonstone


June's modern birthstone, Alexandrite, undergoes an extraordinary color change, from green to blue, and even resembles a ruby, especially under polarized light like sunlight.

Where are these found?

Alexandrite, June's birthstone, is rare, sourced primarily from mines in India, Madagascar, Tanzania, and Sri Lanka, making it highly coveted.

Pearl, loved for ages and June's birthstone, gets its name from the Latin word for "leg," due to its shape resembling a mollusk shell.


Natural pearl-producing mollusks are now rare, leading to widespread use of cultured pearls in jewelry. Main sources include China, Australia, the Philippines, and Indonesia.

Where are these found?

Moonstone, another June birthstone, is renowned for its adularescence, giving it a unique glow akin to moonlight. Pliny named it for its shimmer reminiscent of lunar phases.


Moonstone is plentifully sourced from various locations worldwide, such as Sri Lanka, India, Australia, Myanmar, Madagascar, and the United States.

Where are these found?