7 Must Have Stunning Green Gemstones of 2024


Renowned for musical resonance, jade's mesmerizing translucence captivates, making it a popular gem for carving across centuries.

Opt for green tourmaline, or verdelite, for faceted elegance. Larger, clearer, and more durable than emeralds, it's a top choice with attractive prices.

Verdelite and Chrome Tourmaline

For those with ample budgets, green diamonds offer unparalleled rarity and allure. Their stunning hues, arising from unique chemical compositions, captivate with exquisite beauty.

Green Diamond

Maw Sit Sit

If jade isn't feasible, explore maw sit sit. With vibrant green hues from chromium and black inclusions, it's a convincing jade alternative, sometimes even containing jadeite.

Green Chrysoberyl

Chrysoberyl, famed for cat's eye and alexandrite, also shines in mint green. Though niche, its brilliance makes it a stunning ring choice.


Light green quartz, popular for its affordability, is often created through heat treatment of light amethyst, becoming a favored jewelry choice.

Green Sapphire

Green sapphires, though less saturated, are durable and ideal for everyday wear. Olive, mint, and yellow-green hues are common variations, perfect for engagement rings.