7 Must Have Stunning Blue Gemstones of 2024


Highly sought-after blue sapphire, ideal for engagement rings. September birthstone, available in various hues except red. Classic blue to violet shades.

Tourmalines, October's modern birthstone, surge in demand and value. Rare blue indicolites, prized despite frequent inclusions and fractures.


Aquamarine, March's modern birthstone, famed for watery blues. Darker tones hold value, though often with gray hues. Historically, a talisman for sailors.



Spinel, often overlooked, offers a spectrum of colors from vibrant reds to deep blues. Its brilliance and durability make it a gemstone of choice.


Turquoise, prized for its sky-blue hue and unique matrix patterns, holds cultural significance worldwide. Often used in jewelry and art, it symbolizes protection and wisdom.

Blue Diamond

Blue diamonds, exceedingly rare, captivate with their intense hue and exceptional beauty. Among the most coveted gems, they command extraordinary value in the world of luxury.


Chalcedony, a variety of quartz, exhibits a range of colors from pale blue to vivid orange. Its smooth texture and translucency make it popular for jewelry and carvings.