5 Vastu Tips For Government Job

While qualifications and skills play a crucial role, the ancient science of Vastu Shastra suggests that the energy in your surroundings can significantly impact your success.

1. Optimize Your Study Area

Ensure that your study area is in the north or east direction of your home. These directions are believed to be associated with positive energies that foster.

Avoid studying under a beam, as it is considered inauspicious. Place a crystal globe on your study desk to attract positive vibrations.

2. Position Your Bed Wisely

Position your bed in the south-west direction of your bedroom, as this is believed to bring stability and calmness. Avoid placing the bed under a beam, and ensure there is no clutter beneath the bed.

3. Activate the North Zone

In Vastu Shastra, the north zone is associated with opportunities and career growth. Activate this zone by placing a green plant or a small water fountain.

4. Enhance the Entrance

The entrance of your home is considered the gateway for energy. To attract positive energy for career success, ensure that the entrance is well-lit and clutter-free.

5. Use Colors Strategically

For a government job aspirant, using shades of green, blue, and white in the study and work areas is recommended. These colors are believed to enhance focus and concentration.